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Short description: This episode highlights how giving engaging young people can bring fresh ideas Guest: Chebet Chikumbu and Noxolo Gigaba Soundbite: Emmanuela Oppong Episode description: A lot of mentoring is about the mentee directing the mentoring relationship. This is a skill that will build up over time and requires having confidence in ones-self. Global Citizen continues to tackle topical issues that affect the current world and future generations. Global Citizen is unique in getting people, especially involved in a call to action. This episode aims to discuss how we engage and empower the youth in that their voice matters. How does this voice then become action and how does the action become change.

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Guest information

Chebet Chikumbu is Global Citizen’s Regional Director for Southern and East Africa. Chebet joined the team in 2018 for the execution and delivery of Mandela 100 - the inaugural festival for Global Citizen African on the continent and is currently responsible for leading the Johannesburg-based office and setting its organisational strategy, providing oversight of staff and major activities as well as managing key partnerships within the region 

Twitter: @ChebetChikumbu and @GlblCtznAfrica @GlblCtzn

Noxolo Gigaba is a Digital Marketing graduate from Soweto. I was a 2019 BeyGOOD marketing fellow at Global Citizen Africa and currently a marketing coordinator for a healthcare platform called I am passionate about the creative industry and passionate about finding ways that I can use my skills and knowledge to positively impact the communities around me while creating good career opportunities for myself.

Twitter: @younique_noxy

Emmanuela Oppong holds a B.S in biomedical engineering from Union College. She is very passionate about global health, education, social justice & youth empowerment; she works to learn more and gets involved through different avenues, including her 2019 Watson Fellowship project on social entrepreneurship & innovation exploring some of these topics.



Editing by Mariana Vaz,

Research: Christine Boinett and Emmanuela Oppong 

Producers: Christine Boinett (Creator and Executive producer), Emmanuela Oppong (Producer), Alice Matimba (Senior Producer) and Isabela Malta (Producer).

Host: Christine Boinett

Media and Marketing: Catherine Holmes




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