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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in science (Part 2)

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Short description:  Our special bonus episode on equality, diversity and inclusion in academia. Guests: Sahar Ahmed and Ijeoma Uchegbu Soundbite: Ozama Ismail Episode description: This is a special bonus episode on equity & diversity. In it we interview some amazing guests that talk about their personal experience and where as an industry things need to change. Covered in the topics is, representation matters, ensuring equity from the beginning, in academic research practices and the role institutions play in addressing diversity and inclusion. This episode is in two parts.

Episode Notes


Representation in science:

Parachute research:

The culture of research and how it needs to change:

Covid-19 and overlooked research from the global South:

Diversity and Inclusion podcast:

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Diversity and inclusion in academic institutions 

Soundbite: Dr. Ozama Ismail  is a neuroscientist studying dementia.  He co-founded the Minorities in STEM network, and is passionate about raising LGBTQ+ voices within science and ethnic minority groups. Oz co-hosts "Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?" which tells compelling and diverse stories, combining science and tech with popular culture and comedy. @MinoritySTEM

Ijeoma Uchegbu is Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience, Pro-Vice Provost for Africa and The Middle East  at University College London. She is Chief Scientific Officer of Nanomerics Ltd, editor of three books, a named inventor on 11 granted patents and has authored over 180 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

Dr. Saher Ahmed is Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Genome Research Limited. Saher has 15 years’ experience working in the area of EDI and has set-up national projects and organisational strategy. Saher completed her PhD in Nuclear Physics at the University of Birmingham, UK and has two children @EqualityScience



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