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Imposter syndrome

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Short description: We discuss what imposter syndrome is and how to get out of your own way. Guest: Daniela Robles and Oluwaseun Ogundele Prologue: Isabela Malta Episode description: Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon when a person feels they are a fraud or don’t deserve their achievements and that you achieved them solely through luck. This phenomenon disproportionately affects women and people of colour, but anyone can succumb to it. It happens when someone cannot internalise their own success. In this episode we discuss these internal narratives and how to overcome them and ‘reach for the stars’!

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How to deal with imposter syndrome:

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Guest information

Oluwaseun Ogundele is a research assistant at the Wellcome-MRC-Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. She is passionate about increasing the visibility of young BAME role models in research science using social media. Her motivation is personal; to share her own journey as a #blackgirlinscience who ‘made it to Cambridge’.

Connect with Seun: @seuninscience

Dr. Daniela Robles is a PI at the International Laboratory for Human Genome Research (LIIGH), National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After studying her undergraduate degree at UNAM and her PhD at the University of Cambridge, she returned home to set up a research group focusing on investigating the genomics of cancer types important in Latin American countries.

Connect with Daniela: @daniela_oaks

Isabela Malta joined the ACSC as the Assistant Overseas Courses Manager to help coordinate scientific capacity development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Originally from Brazil, she has a Biochemistry MPhil from the University of Cambridge (Wolfson College), and a biomedical/microbiology background.

Connect with Isabela: @belamalta10



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